what we do

what we do at bamboo development

we care about supporting your development and learning, whether you are an individual, a team or an organisation

personal and professional development

coaching is the way in which we primarily support personal and professional development. to understand more about our philosophy of coaching, have a look at our blog ‘thinking and linking’. to understand more about what it’s like on the journey of development, have a look at our blog ‘being and becoming’

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leadership development

leading a team or an organisation is contextual. to support leadership development within an organisation we work with individual leaders or top teams to understand the context and respond appropriately. this may include coaching, telephone interviews with colleagues or attending meetings, facilitating leadership retreats for top teams, collaborating with other specialist coaches for development of key skills: whatever will help you get a better picture of what is going on and respond with the sort of leadership that is required. we also design and deliver leadership programmes, bringing together groups from across a single organisation or from multiple organisations to learn and develop leadership perspectives and skills

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organisational development

sometimes the challenges facing an organisation are widespread and development needs to happen at a systemic level. we support this through work with teams and groups and programmes which bring people from different parts of the organisation together. our philosophy is to make development as experiential and rich as possible since we all learn and develop primarily by doing . we collaborate with people who are excellent in their own fields in order to provide the most effective, customised programmes

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community development

in addition to the work we do with the public sector and corporations, we are passionate about supporting the development of resilient sustainable communities. we believe that human development is both individual and, as we are social, in interaction with others. to find out more about the communities we support, have a look at our blog ‘caring and sharing’