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“just enough”

i gave some talks at INSEAD events about an important theme in coaching. the story goes like this:

“i don’t have enough time/sleep/money/credentials/network/[insert stuff here] to do this…..”

some wonderful teachers lynn twist and brene brown have given me clues as to the roots of this: we think we don’t have enough (“the myth of scarcity”) because we don’t feel that we are enough (shame and vulnerability)

so if “not enough” is a slogan for our times then “just enough” is my stand against it

i write it for myself, for my family, for my friends, for my clients, for the environment. i am enough. you are enough. the sooner we believe that, the more likely it is that the world and its resources will be enough. let’s make space in our busy, stressed-out days for this thought:

‘what if i am/we are/it is – ‘just enough’? what if all the stories that i have learnt that say i am not doing enough, earning enough, buying enough, BEING enough, are just that: stories? what if i choose to believe another story? then what? do i carry on doing what i am doing, or does my life change?’

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