being and becoming

being real



maybe you’re reading this to figure out whether we can work together. or maybe you stumbled across the blog and are curious. welcome.

if you read my bio you were probably wondering whether i’m smart enough and skilled enough to ‘get’ you and your situation and to know how to help. wondering whether we’ll have chemistry and  rapport – trust even

i get it. safe spaces – where we can just show up as ourselves with all our cares and contradictions – are rare. the world of work can be a place of constant judgment and measuring up, with leadership development gods sending down their latest commandments from on high on a whim

but the thing is this. i’ve ticked a lot of boxes – as you have – but it’s not who i am, really. many of the things i care most about don’t make it to the list of accomplishments we are required to put out there to ‘prove’ ourselves. plus, life happens, priorities shift: things i cared about yesterday matter less to me today – and vice versa

you too are infinitely complex and mysterious. we will never fully discover all the hopes, fears and dreams that have you turn towards this experience or away from that one. but if we enquire together we will learn things that will help you meet the challenges you face now and will face in the future

your bio doesn’t tell your best stories of love, labour and raw nerve that brought you here now- neither does mine. please see coaching as an invitation to a space where all your stories and parts of yourself are welcome. by bringing all of yourself in we can look at what is needed for the next chapter of your work and life as it unfolds.

come as you are.